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Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Height of Evil.

Last night, after a really long week and day, I was just settling in bed to sleep when a friend sent me the video below. Usually I'd ask people what they are sending before I open such documents especially since someone sent me that traumatizing video of the man having painful sex with a python. For some reasons, I didn't ask of the content of this file before I opened it. I assumed it was a voice note. Imagine my horror and trauma when I discovered it was something so excruciatingly horrific as a grown woman slapping, hitting repeatedly and stomping on a wee child.

I couldn't even watch it to the end and I was physically sick from what I had just watched. Hubby had to take my phone away as I broke down. What made it worse for me is the fact that I am a working mother and things have been really tough for me this past few weeks. I have struggled to get a decent house-help all year and just yesterday I got a new one, so imagine my angst upon watching this dreadful video. I recall how close I was to dropping my resignation on Tuesday because of the desire to be at home with my children. Sigh.

It is tough to balance but we must do it. I will be looking into installing CCTV cameras in my house. Imagine if the nanny in the video below had not been caught on camera, that child would probably die from internal injuries if she keeps at her nefarious act and no one would know except her. I don't know where this incident took place but I know that demonic nanny should be taken out into a field and shot. -_-

Parents please be vigilant and always follow your intuition when it comes to your children and the people around them. This video serves as a cautionary lesson to us all.



  1. I didn't watch much, the first hit was enough for me. First off, I hope the child was examined by doctors for signs of internal bleeding & bruising. Secondly, I would hurt that woman, not kill her, but damage her so that for the rest of her life, she'll feel pain & know she's being punished. That is all.


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