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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

No One Should Have To Go Through This.....

I came across this video yesterday on the Youtube channel of Sahara Reporters and while I cannot say for sure of that is indeed a Nigerian Soldier engaging in physical combat with a terrorist whilst being shot at, it doesn't take away the horror of the ordeal of the brave young soldier. I could also see what appears to be the corpse of a dead soldier on the right hand side of the video. How tragic.

Clearly these terrorists are deluded brainwashed savages and I sincerely hope they would all meet their waterloo pretty soon. It makes me so angry to see their nefarious activities especially knowing that these horrors are the harsh daily realities for most of the Northerners. 

A man was telling me just yesterday about how at least three of the twenty-seven local government areas in Nasarawa State have been abandoned by the residents because Fulani cattle rearers have been going about on murder sprees, by slaying all those who dared stop them from taking over their farmlands. His family have been badly affected by this and he kept getting distressed calls for help from them yesterday. I believe we elected a governor in that State and I find it alarming that such things are happening and going unchecked under his jurisdiction. It becomes more obvious that our politicians have no sense of responsibility to the citizens they took oaths to protect, or how else would you explain the Borno state governor seeking reelection despite the unchecked havoc Boko Haram has caused in that state and his inability to protect his people?

Which way, Nigerians?

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