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Friday, 7 November 2014

The Bigger Crime......

Honestly, I don't know how on earth I very often find myself in the most scary situations in this Lagos. I'm like a human magnet for dangerous dramas or something. Sigh. 

I got caught in what would most likely end up being a jungle justice sort of mob action. I was on my way home and making my way down a hill jejely when a car sped past the cab I was in and almost ran us off the road. I initially assumed he had lost his brakes and we slowed down and watched him drive like an absolute maniac down the rough road. At some point two of his tyres lifted off the road and I thought he would topple over but he didn't even slow down. Suddenly what looked like nothing less than 50 okadas with at least THREE men on each and a whole bunch of people running after this car all screaming "Thief. Thief. He will die tonight"!!!

We stopped and tried to understand what was going on. Apparently, they claim, he snatched the car from someone and took off. OMG. That's like the scariest thing ever and I know he will be caught because the roads are really bad further up and there's only so far that he can speed. Plus that mob was determined to get him. 

While I don't condone robbery or car snatching or the likes, I do not condone murder either. Jungle justice IS murder, plain and simple. Plus we could have been what if that loony had run us off the road? Collateral damage? I shudder to think how he would end up tonight if those men get him even though I know what he did, if indeed he did it, is just awful. 

I raced into my house and after ensuring my kids were alright, I considered going back outside to find out some more about the situation but I couldn't. Instead I called the emergency number 767 and I was assured they would send a Rapid Response Squad to help diffuse the situation. (Try hard not to "yimu"). I really really hope they do send a team out and I hope they get there in time too. I'm pained I didn't think to get the license plate numbers but I honestly didn't think straight as it happened and it all happened so fast. 

If your metallic blue Toyota Corolla was snatched tonight, then this story is about the chap whodunnit. 

I'm going to bed. I've had enough excitement today alone to last me for the rest of the year. You don't want to know how I started my day earlier today. Sigh. :)   

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