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Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Best Place To Be Today!!!!!

If you're not at the BarEnclave today, you're on a long thing. Yes I said it! :)

Let me tell you why I said so though. BarEnclave is not just a bar/joint/pub/whatchamacallit, BarEnclave is a Culture. I first found about it a couple of years ago via twitter and I loved the warmth of it from the onset. Whether you like it or not, BarEnvlave is both the official and unofficial twitter hangout place. The place has a good history and a great feel about it.

What makes BarEnclave even more priceless for me is the passion and dedication with which Muyiwa and his brother, run the place. When I think about Muyiwa, I think hardwork, dedication, passion, caring and AllHeartsAlways. His heart is in the right place and his goals and dreams are valid. It's rare to see a business owner who genuinely cares about his clients and reaches out to them. 

To have run a business in Nigeria successfully for six years is no easy task especially with the power problems and investing most of your profits in purchasing generators and fuel. The chaps at BarEnclave have stood firmly despite all the challenges they've been faced with over the years. Way to go guys. 

This post would be incomplete without my mentioning the awesome and legendary barbecue BarEnclave offers. I don't quite have the words to describe the "scrumptiousness" of this exquisite delicacy, so you'd best head out there this evening to try it out for yourself. And their drinks are always chilled, always!!!! 

BarEnclave is open daily and worth experiencing. You can follow them on twitter @BarEnclave and also follow their story by using the hashtag #EnclaveStories

Happy anniversary BarEnclave and a big shoutout to all its loyal and regular customers.

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