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Saturday, 15 November 2014

No Condition Is Permanent............

In the picture above, former Bayelsa State governor Alamieyeseigha is seen standing authoritatively in front of his then deputy governor Goodluck Jonathan, who is now the president of Nigeria.

The tables have turned now and reverse is the case in terms of political authority for these two. With their history, one shouldn't be too baffled at the presidential pardon given to the ex-governor by President Jonathan, however shameful and disappointing it is that a blatant and wanted criminal was accorded such biased pardon. What is more shocking is Alamieyeseigha's perpetual ambition to remain in power as have been seen in recent posters across the web and the shameful fact that some delusional paid morons would still vote him in. I really hope for the day Nigerians would rise up as one and start voting right, realizing that truly our votes are our power to stop the recycling of corrupt politicians and also our opportunities to start developing our country as it should be.

Which way Nigeria??

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