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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Let's Talk About Sex And Preferences.

Let  me just start by saying that these are my opinions and you may not agree with them,  but you would have to respect them even as you form yours. Are we cool? Good, let's go. :)

I know very well how the bible portrays homosexuality and all that but I also know Christ was big on loving all our neighbours as we love ourselves, so I don't have any issues with genuine  homosexuals or lesbians because I think they have no choice in how they feel towards people of the same sex. Moreso, so long as it is a consenting act at between two adults, I really cannot be bothered.

What I have an issue with are the try-sexuals because for me, they seem a tad confused as to what to do with themselves and often end up hurting others. Try-sexuals are those that would try "anything" and sleep with both the living and dead in their quest for sexual satisfaction. It is all fun and games to want to belong with the latest fad and stuff but when you get to the point where you cause physical harm to others, then you need to take a step back and examine yourself. I could easily add bisexuals to the list of try-sexuals because it often seems like they are sitting on a fence while wanting to eat their cake and have it, but like I said earlier, so long as it is between two consenting adults, I don't have a problem with that. Dare I say that I was once close to being raped by a female friend when I was in university. I had absolutely no idea she was bisexual and I was very much taken aback when she attacked me (so consent was not even close to the picture), but I managed to fight her off (yes it was a fight as she was bent on "having me"and she was stronger than me and appeared very horny or possessed or something). That's another unpleasant story for another day.


The moment your sexual preference begins to hurt others physically or mentally then there's a problem. Of recent it seems like bestiality is on the rise and I've written a few posts about it as well. What I've only recently learned is that this had been happening for far longer than we think and the explosion of this internet era is probably what has highlighted these shenanigans. Even more baffling from my findings is the fact that many seemingly decent and responsible middle-aged men have engaged and indulged in bestiality at some point in their lives. I found out that a lot of young boys with raging hormones, especially the shy ones who grew up in the villages, often turn to domestic animals like chickens to "relieve their pent up sexual frustrations"! As difficult as this is to believe, it is the harsh reality of what people got up to in the past and what still obtains slightly in this generation. For me, the scariest part is not knowing unless the culprits talk about it either out of guilt, shame, remorse or simply to get it off their chests. Sadly, several of the culprits have mentally blocked such occurrences from their subconscious while others would rather take the secret with them to their graves and rightly so because you and I know they will be judged harshly by the society if they own up to having had sex with chicken and puppies in the past. This is in addition to bestiality being a crime in most countries. 

So take time to analyze your sexual preferences and those of your spouse's as well. It helps to be on the same page as them.

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