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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Step Back Into A Century

Yesterday, our Senate members launched the use of suggestion boxes in the National Assembly. I mean the Senate president and his colleagues commissioned suggestion boxes. *weeps in collective silliness*.

I mean, we are in the year 2015 and the people whom we elected to govern the country actually think the use and the launch of suggestion boxes is acceptable. Methinks we are in a deeper mess in Nigeria than we realize. Who are the suggestion boxes meant for? Surely not the average Nigerians who cannot access the National Assembly premises randomly.

In this new age where we have easy access to the internet and whatnot, they did not think to open a website through which Nigerians can drop their suggestions but rather chose to LAUNCH SUGGESTION BOXES!!! Why did we elect them if we have to suggest what they should be doing ourselves? 

While others are creating mind-blowing inventions, visiting the moon and other planets, launching light rails and super jets, getting cures for terminal diseases, and so on, we are here launching inaccessible wooden suggestion boxes. This country breaks my heart daily.

I can't deal. 

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