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Saturday, 14 November 2015

#BlogFeature: I Wanna Get Married Again

The article below is written by one of my BlogFeature writers Toyin Femi-Akinlade and once again, she's written a beautiful piece stemmed from her life's experience. Enjoy, learn and share. 


No I ain't divorced or widowed and so seeking marriage again. I want to get married a second time because wedding ceremonies now are so dope with all the glitz, glamour and razzmatazz. In a couple of months we are gonna be celebrating a decade anniversary. 10 solid years!!! Wow! I feel sooo grown up.😊  However this is not the subject matter for today.

These many years ago when I got married, the only form of social media presence people had was Yahoo messenger. There was no twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Pinterest, Whatsapp and all what not. Even blackberry was not available (at least in Naija i think?) Now you understand why I said it was many years ago. I think there was no Facebook,at least I didn't get signed on until two years later and so did many other people I know too. Then, the only way to send invites or pictures from one's event or ceremony was to send soft copies via email, usually Yahoo or hotmail. Sounds boring right? Now you feel my wish to get married again.

Even proposals weren't done with so much drama like we have these days. Then it was most likely a quiet dinner, boy goes on one knee, presents the ring and pops the million dollar question. After all the awwws, ohhs and tears, girl gives the golden answer and that's it. You'll then probably take a few pictures with your camera phone which you'll then have to send by either Bluetooth or infrared to friends, family and other loved ones who have to be within close range anyway before they can get the pictures. Oh boy!

Did I mention pre-wedding shoots? Yes we had that then but pictures were mostly taken for souvenir purposes. Introduction was usually a parlor affair consisting of representatives from both intending couples family, very close friends and maybe trusted neighbors. But these days? People even have a live band for  their introductions complete with MCs  popularly called alagas. No be small thing.
I love the plenty 'effizy' we have these days. Some even have destination weddings. But if I'm resident in Lagos and go to my village for instance for my wedding rites, it qualifies for a destination wedding too now I think?

Not forgetting also the many stunts and different styles couples do these days to make their weddings trend. Trend meaning it's newsworthy for blogs and all people talk about on different social media platforms. While some are quite beautifully executed and classy, some are just out rightly trying too hard. Imagine a couple going under water to take pre-wedding photo shoot. Unto what?

The hashtags are also really cute. Mine would have been #ToyinFemi19gogoro. Then the reception dresses!!! I totally love that idea for a reason I don't even know. I just think it's so cool and classy.
So I wanna get married again and this is what I would like starting with the proposal. Dreams are free so please let me be 😊. I would like for us to go for dinner in a very nice restaurant. Won't hurt if it was exotic after all I'm gonna be asked a question that will forever change my life so the ambience and mood has to be right 😉. 

So in an atmosphere of fine dining with overly expensive food and beautiful music playing at the background with me having no inkling of what is in the offing, my knight in shining armor keeps cracking me up and we are just having fun like we always do on our dates. He starts to say something that I don't quite get, then he goes on one knee, brings out the most beautiful shiny rock I have ever seen and then says,

'Forever is a time that will be absolutely even more beautiful if you are in it with me. So my darling, would you please spend forever with me?"
"What? Like Oh my God! Oh my God!!

While I'm busy gasping for breath, fanning my face, wiping the tears that suddenly starts trickling down , I wave my hands excitedly and can't seem to wait another second for this exquisite rock to adorn my beautiful well manicured ring finger before I remember to scream the word,

"Yes! Yes my darling. I want nothing more than to spend today, tomorrow and forever with you".

This is all the cue that our friends, fellow diners and other coup plotters who I didn't know where there until now needs to rush out, get up and shout,

"Awww congratulations'!!!!!!!

The next few minutes are like been up on stage to receive a Grammy. Flash, click and more flash then dp is changed with status reading,
'He just put a ring on it. That's what's up'  or
'My bae just got engaged. #ToyinFemi loading...'

Fast forward to wedding day which of course makes top and trending news on BellaNaija and every other wedding blog worth its salt with our wedding pictures splashed all over the internet. No, viral is the word. We thereafter go for honeymoon in an exotic and truly romantic destination like....

Hubby just woke me up from my dream now and said I should stop my bad habit of drinking garri before bedtime. 



  1. Lmao! congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. I still have your jotter souvenir. Whenever you are ready for your vow renewal abeg I dey sell aso ebi o

  2. Awwwwwhn...
    Lol! Such a fun read.... Weldone ma!
    These days though, people have their weddings 'all over again' at their 10th yr anniversary, so you and uncle Femi could still make that dream come true *shines teeth *

  3. Lmaooo@drinking garri before bedtime. Your sense of humour is incredible...Nice write-up.. Happy anniversary to you and le boo!

  4. Lol@ "Drinking Garri before bedtime"! I remember that day so well and my dear, your wedding reception was one of the best at that time as I vividly recall... But having a "10years' anniversary party" isn't a bad idea though... #Let's know when the time's right... Cheers Ore mi atata


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