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Saturday, 14 November 2015

When Death Came Calling... :(

I just woke up to news of the frightening and horrific tragedy which occurred in Paris yesterday. I am numb. Almost 200 people have lost their lives as a result of some terrorist attacks in Paris. About 120 people who were attending a concert in the Bataclan theatre were brutally massacred by terrorists who then proceeded to blow themselves up when the Police arrived on the scene. :( 

Not too far away from the theatre, some suicide bombers also blew themselves and some fans up at the Stade de France Sports Stadium while a football match was ongoing between the French and German football teams. Some gunmen also opened fire on diners at a Cambodia restaurant in Paris, shouting 'Allah Akbar' while they murdered innocent people in cold blood. There are reports of many more people very seriously injured and presently receiving treatments. 

Reports state that the clearly mad but young terrorists burst into the theatre shouting about Syria and the role of President Francois Hollande in his support with the Western coalition on eradicating ISIS. Four policemen were said to have died during the terror attacks and about 7 terrorists killed in the process.

I am really shocked by these attacks because it makes no sense at all that these terrorists are so easily brainwashed thoroughly enough to go around killing innocent people and their stupid selves because they are defending their god or beliefs. It simply makes no sense at all. I wish there's a way these terrorists could be wiped out at go, once and for all. -_-


May the souls of the victims rest in peace and I pray the injured will be healed and made whole. 

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