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Friday, 8 August 2014

Acute Aggression All Around........

Two nights ago, I witnessed a very disturbing scene that puts things into perspective for me. Hubby and I pulled up into the second slot on a line in a filling station.In front of us was a saloon car with a bunch of young men returning from work in it. A Range Rover pulled up beside us but when to the first slot. As soon as the driver got down, the young man driving the car in front of us tried to pull out but of course he couldn't because there was a car in front of him and the Range beside him. According to the driver of the Range, rather than the young men ask him politely to move his car backwards to allow for an easier exit for them, they cussed him out and were utterly rude. According to the young chaps, the man never should have obstructed their path with his cockiness and swag.

It was like a scene out of a bad movie because I could see how upset all the parties involved had gotten so quickly. Hubby and I had to intervene quickly. I tried to make the young men realize that what the big man had "done to offend them" wasn't so bad if they'd just calm down and not transfer aggression. Now if they lived in the Uk for example, they would have had to wait for the chap in front of their car to fill his tank himself, walk into the office/store, look around to purchase some items and queue patiently to pay up before returning to his care BEFORE it's their turn. They were not willing to be reasonable o! They managed to pass through without scratching the Range and then went ahead to block the man off, threatening fire and brimstone. We had to really cajole them before they drove off to wait for the man at the entrance of the station. Sigh.

Why couldn't they have simply exercised patience and courtesy it's not as if there would be light at home sef ? Why were they so adamant on not listening to reasoning? Now I'm not saying that they were envious of the fact that he was riding the latest Range Rover in town and had a pretty female companion riding shotgun, while about six of them were crammed into a small saloon car, perspiring and knackered after a long tedious day at work. I'm not saying him looking all suave and rested compared to their wrinkly worked-out selves had anything to do with the situation.

All I'm saying is that na from clap e dey enter dance. All I'm saying is that the more frustrated the system makes people, the wilder they will become. The more our government takes the comforts of the citizens for granted while the middle and upper classes look on without properly interfering for the benefit of the general population rather than for just a select few, the tastier they will look to those suffering. And come the day when they snap and cannot take any more, doom will descend. Of course in such an instant, the wealthy and part of the upper class would be out of reach for them, which leaves the middle class to bear the brunt of aggression.

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