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Monday, 25 August 2014

How To Aspire To Be Great....

Being ordinary is out of fashion, one must do splendidly well to stand out in greatness. You may find a lot of people doing what you do in your field or using the same strategies as you are using but what sets you apart is your mental stamina to see your cause through to the end. Your dogged ethical and professional stance is what differentiates you and singles you out for greatness regardless of all that might be going on around you.

Below are 8 steps towards achieving greatness:

1. Passion: You must love and enjoy what you do. 

2. Work: You must work hard and smart to achieve your goals. "No food for the last man". 

3. Focus: There will always be distractions, don't get derailed. Maintain your focus at all times. 

4. Push: Remember my post here about just pushing no matter what, until you strike gold? There you are. 

5. Ideas: In the globalized world we are in today, being innovative is crucial to success. 

6. Improve: You must learn to improve on your weaknesses and strengths alike. No one knows It all and while corrections may come from any quarter/persons, improvement is entirely up to you. 

7. Serve: If you're not willing to serve, how can you be great enough to lead?

8. Persist: Being positively persistent pays, if you know your onions. Abraham Lincoln tried for political positions 6 times before he cinched it the 7th time. Go figure. 

Do have a lovely week ahead and remember to aspire to be great. :) 


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