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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bizarre News Alert!!!!!!!!!! O.O

So in the weird news section today, I came across this everyday-is-for-the-thief-but-one-day-is-for-the-owner kinda story. 

Apparently, a Saudi Sheik met his waterloo after trying to sexually abuse a donkey. O.O

Based on the reports floating about on the internet, the Saudi police found the man's body the day after he tried to abuse the poor donkey and got killed in the process. The donkey had given him a grievous kick in the face and three in the chest, when he tried his luck. Reports show that he suffered for a long while from his injuries before dying.

The police found the brave donkey tied up to the Sheik's car and assumed that he (the man) had taken his pants off and kept them in his car before trying to carry out the act. Bravo donkey, bravo.

I wish I could say R.I.P ...................

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