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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Big Push, Little Push, Just Push.

On Saturday, I was at a work thingy at the Sheraton and at some point I needed to use the restroom tmi? Just flow with me:). Now, even if a person has never been to a Sheraton Hotel before, I expect everyone to know that it is (at least) a 4-star hotel and as such has everything in proper order. It is with this assumption I strutted to the restroom area, which had previously been shown to me upon arrival. I got to the entrance of the loo and met a young lady standing there impatiently, doing the hoppity-hop-pressed-dance people do when they really need to use to loo. I was surprised and I asked her what she was doing just standing there, rather than going in. She said she guessed someone was in there as the door wouldn't budge. O.O

Now this didn't make any sense to me because I assumed, and rightly so, that there was no way Sheraton Hotel would have just one female bathroom stall on a floor. Based on my assumption and quick thinking and of course my pressing need, I pushed the door just a little bit harder and voila! It opened up into a corridor and at least five stalls. She gasped and stared in shock, while I waltzed in and went about my business. =_=

Now, that singular incidence got me thinking hard. I wondered about the opportunities life often presents to us and how we handle them. She was close, yet so far and all because she did not think outside the box like I did. Often times, we are faced with challenges that just needs our stepping back and taking a longer look at the situation from a different perspective for us to arrive at our solution. In this day and age, thinking on one's feet does more good than harm because the world  is going at a much faster pace now than ever before. In those few moments before I got to her side, I was able to view the institution before me, think out the possible solutions and apply it. That made getting in easier for me.

That instance not only gave me access, it also birthed this post. So my dearest readers, I implore you to learn from my "bathroom experience" and apply yourselves to all challenges that may come your ways. I remember an advert from back in the days that went something like "good thinking, good products", I hereby challenge you to memorize and act on these words whenever the need arises; "quick thinking, great solutions". Bear in mind that it isn't just the quick timing of your thoughts that matter, but the quality of output they result in.

Have a lovely day ahead. :)


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