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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Be The Change You Want

If you want to make a difference in life, you must learn to take charge, speak out and do your best to get that change. I know we her these things daily but very many of us do not actually go a step further to actualize it and bring about that change. There's a story some people think it's a publicity stunt, but nonetheless in the news today that  showcases the act of speaking up to criticize constructively, thinking out of the box and being unconventional in order to achieve results.

Old bottle with the old label.

A 7-year-old schoolboy, harry Deverill,  felt the design on the brown sauce bottle which Waitrose stocks was too boring so he wrote to them and attached a drawing he felt was better than what they were using. Guess what? They wrote him back and invited him over for talks and after he had reworked his initial design, the company went for it and that's the current design being used as we speak on all their brown sauce brand.

Harry's label is now on nationwide sales in the UK. Atta boy!

Taking a cue from Harry, rather than sit behind our fences or computer/phone screens and condemn, why don't we all make constructive criticisms and recommendations to the right channels in order to attain the changes we want? :)

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