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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Never Forget..........

 There are so many disturbing events going on around the wold right now such as wars, diseases, pains, anguish and deaths in all forms and most of them are beyond what we can prevent. Despite all that are happening, we must keep clear heads and sound minds. We must carry on and endeavor we leave our marks in this world before our time is up.

Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh was a remarkable woman and her steadfastness at doing what was right to save millions of Nigerians is commendable. She was a true heroine indeed and deserves a national posthumous honor for her works. The singular act of preventing Sawyer from running amok in Lagos and then the considerate act of her quarantining herself after realizing she had been exposed to the Ebola virus is very noble, selfless and highly commendable. 

Think about the havoc Sawyer could have caused if she had not stood her ground against the pressure from the Liberian government to release him in his sick state. If we couldn't save Dr. Ameyo, Nurse Justina and the other nurse who have all died, do you think we would be able to adequately care for and  save the thousands that could have contracted the virus due to Sawyer's selfish and deluded act? 

It is horrible that the Nigerian victims of Ebola have passed away like they did, without as much as a hug from their families before dying. We mourn them all, more-so as they were victims of circumstance. What we must however always remember are the sacrifices they made and the way they died in the line of duty. We must tow their exemplary acts of selflessness.

We must never forget.

Rest in peace #EbolaVictims .

Rest in peace Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh.

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