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Friday, 15 August 2014

Let NOTHING Hold You Back

I came across this remarkable and inspiring story of a young hero ex-soldier, 24-years-old Pa Njie. While serving in Afghanistan, Pa stepped on a bomb which blew both of his legs off with horrific injuries. He underwent intense rehabilitation at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham after which he gained a top grade in Business studies as well as good grades in accounting and economics from Abbey College, Birmingham. His grades have now earned him an opportunity to achieve his dream of studying Business in Aston University.

Pa is presently in America helping other servicemen and women who have lost their legs by giving them support and advice. It has always been his dream and ambition to go to university and he would be the first in his family to go to university. Wow, what a feat.

Atta boy. You inspire me.

Pa Njie is an embodiment of selflessness as he vows to do voluntary work for two years upon completing his degree before starting his career in business. Amazing fella. :)

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