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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Blame-Mentality and A Better You.............

My dad used to call it "passing the buck" back when I was much more younger, these days I refer to it as playing at the blame game. I find it hurtful when a person cannot take responsibility for their actions or in-actions but rather feels falsely secure in passing off the blame onto others, usually a subordinate or a defenseless person. I see these instances around a lot, even over the minutest of things. People are just terrified of looking bad so they foist off their errors on someone else.

There is no big deal in admitting your shortcomings and stepping up to your responsibilities no matter what. If you walk around with a blame-mentality, it automatically makes you an unteachable person who cannot and will not learn from corrections. I know being admonished sometimes if very uncomfortable and even painful, depending on the chastiser and your level of mistake, but the fact remains that one must learn to deal with such and take the learning from such experiences. It is cowardly to run away or dodge one's responsibilities, rather than confront issues and become a better person by learning and making things better.

Step up to the plate and take a stance to be a better and more responsible person. Life is too short..................

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