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Saturday, 2 August 2014

I Didn't Plan To Cry This Morning........

I didn't plan to cry this morning
Matter of fact I woke up to a testimony
It was pleasing news to me
How God healed little Zuri
Then I checked my mails
And saw what exposed our fails
The post The Priest had written
Without gloves or mittens
Revealed the depth of the likely trauma
Of our Chibok girls' sad drama
I didn't plan to cry this morning
The tears were like those of mourning
I hope against hope that they will return
And all their pains would begone


Check out the touching three-part fiction story on Arome's blog that is so similar to what our Chibok girls might be going through.


  1. Now this is very very touching
    But I won't cry
    I swear I won't cry

  2. Pls don't cry.....God is still God.

  3. We shall overcome....night will surely make way for the sunrise


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