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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Pressures In Wedlock ....................

I just heard the most frightening and infuriating story I've heard in a while and it is far from fiction. I was just told by a friend about a young lady who passed on after childbirth recently. Apparently she had had three daughters for her husband but he was so keen on having a son that he went and got another wife. Determined to keep her marriage and fight for love, she somehow managed to get him to impregnate her one more time. She refused to check the sex of her baby during her pregnancy and soon after delivery when she asked and was told she had had another girl, she passed on from there. While I don't have the full details, it is assumed that the disappointment and shock killed her.

Now I'm being told that even though the poor woman is yet to be buried, her hubby has issued her family to hurry up and get on with the funeral arrangements because he needs to move on with his life with the new wife and he's also told them to keep the late woman's four daughters.

Deep breaths........................................................

I was shocked and furious when I got sent this story because of the life cut short and the seemingly bleak future of those poor children who have lost a mother and are saddled with a father who couldn't care less about their welfare. I find it mind boggling that in this day and age, men still blame women for their inability to bear male children. This clearly shows that not only is he ignorantly uniformed and unrefined, he certainly did not love his wife from the onset. In addition to this, does having a male offspring matter so much that one discards the female ones he's produced from his own loins?

This is a true story and I do not want to put up the woman's picture because she hasn't even been buried yet. :( What can you make of this situation?


  1. wow i am appalled so are female children now human beings!!! wowzers my heart goes out to the girls for the loss of their mother and the father he is just a shame.what an ignorant man

  2. Hubby once told a certain someone who told him he should go for one more so we can have a son (after 3 daughters o), that great men have only daughters. And he went on to cite Obama, Bush and co as examples. End of story.

  3. I luv ur hubby's excuse ayafemi.Buki I just feel the man is crude and very selfish, how can he blame a woman for not bearing a son when dat is clearly a function of his own chromosomes. mehn some pple re just ignorant


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