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Friday, 15 August 2014

I'm Furious.........

I'm furious.

I'm furious because today marks day 123 since the Chibok girls were snatched away and still there is no hope of a strategic rescue in sight.

I'm furious because not even one person has been brought to justice for the cold-blooded murder of the Yobe school children and the others.

I'm furious because Boko Haram terrorists have recently kidnapped almost 100 young boys and men, again.

I'm furious because our government seems absolutely clueless on what to do to overcome this menace and have left us at their mercy.

I'm furious because the military have lied to us blatantly on this terrorism issue, over and over again.

I'm furious because we have allowed Boko Haram the balls and effrontery to infiltrate our army.

I'm furious because so many Northerners are being subjected to inhumane experiences, yet we cannot help them.

I'm furious because the Northern Muslim leaders have yet to thoroughly condemn Boko Haram but are now threatening the President.

I'm furious because we had since February, to protect our country and her citizens against the Ebola epidemic but we did not.

I'm furious at the awful and unjust ways Ebola victims and suspected victims are being treated in Liberia and in Nigeria.

I'm furious at the level of selfishness within Sawyer which drove him crazy enough to head out to Nigeria.

I'm furious at the Liberian authorities who couldn't subdue him and keep him within their country, knowing he was a danger to others.

I'm furious at our ignorant, lax and nonchalant attitudes and processes, which let Sawyer into our country.

I'm furious at the lack of adequate awareness that should be spreading and educating all Nigerians about this deadly epidemic.

I'm furious at a system that does not provide counseling for Ebola victims but allows the frantic ones to escape quarantine.

I'm furious pretty, bright and young nurse Justina Ejelonu died in the line of duty.

I'm furious my friend's cousin is the doctor that treated that selfish buffoon Sawyer and is now infected, herself.

I'm furious that we have no cure for Ebola other than to hope and pray for miracles.

I'm furious that no religious "miracle worker" is stepping up to the plate on this matter, not even our dear association of witches and wizards.

I'm furious at a system and a people that makes it so hard to love my beloved Nigeria.

I am tired. :(

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