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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Think Outside The Box Always................

The other day I wrote a post about  thinking quick and thinking smart (click here--->) and I rounded it up by saying "Bear in mind that it isn't just the quick timing of your thoughts that matter, but the quality of output they result in". Today I came across an inspiring story that captured the essence of what I meant in that post.

This is Alfred Ajani, a 22-year-old graduate who took a bold step by thinking and acting out of the box to achieve his goal of getting a job. This morning Alfred went to the ever busy Waterloo station in London, holding up a sign that stated his degree course and a request for prospective employers to ask for his CV.

Having applied for over 300 positions since graduating this summer without luck, he was bent on getting his dream job which is to work in an advertising and marketing company and this led to him handing out his CVs to bosses commuting to work during the rush hour at the Waterloo station in London earlier today. (Talk about quick thinking, great solutions) Since then, he has received an amazing number of support for his action. He got the chance of giving out his CVs and number and has already gotten an interview booked for this afternoon as well as promising phone calls. A man even bought him a cup of tea gotta love the British and their teas, hehehe :) and wished him good luck earlier on.A picture of him giving out his number circulated on twitter today as well.

I think what Alfred has done is highly commendable. He did not hold a pity-party by staying at home and lamenting about how tough things were nor his inability to get a job. Rather, he rolled up his sleeves and stepped out of the box. What is holding you back from achieving your goals? You need to break loose right now and take the sort of risk this young man took and then you will start getting positive results. It might not come easy or immediately, but come it will. When Alfred first got to he station this morning, he was ignored for a bit but things picked up. That's how life works most times.  You've got to  reach out and grab opportunities and make the most of them rather than sit and moan about how tough things are without drumming up a way out of your plight.

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  1. *puts a prophetic offering in an envelope for you* This is profound!


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