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Saturday, 16 August 2014

How Well Have You Evolved?

Life and times go by so quickly, but where does it leave or take you? Yes, you reading this. LOL

So the other day (in the shower nonetheless, I get inspiration from there. What?-_- LOL) I was randomly thinking about how far we have come technology-wise. I recall back in the days when phones had no internal camera and you had to use a detachable camera to take the rare picture.

Here's a sample of what they looked like back then.
Now look how far we have come in that regard. We have phones that can do near everything (except cook and bear you children of course, hehehe) these days. You have access to e-joys like touch screens, video/still cameras, instant messengers, Microsoft office packages, calenders, fingerprint identifications, games on-the-go, and so on.

My point is this, technology has evolved. It has made such amazing and commendable improvements overtime that blows ones mind away. Alas, how much have we, as human beings, evolved? You find some people with detachable-camera-phone mentalities in an era of touch-screen-fingerprint-unlocking-phones! Some people have simply chosen to remain stoic in their thoughts and ways, without a care to embrace change. This can only end badly and most times, shamefully. It reminds me of an incidence which happened a while back. I was trying to convince a commercial bike rider to go get a driver's license. Apparently, for decades,  all bike riders need in Lagos is a riders card, which he had. He didn't see the need for a driver's license and he insisted on not getting one since he did not own a car and could ill-afford to get one in the nearest future. O.O I was gobsmacked at his thought process. I tried to make him see the need to be prepared for change and even dangled the possibility of someone planning to give him a car as a gift, only to find out he did not own a license. Such a person would most likely withdraw the offer and give it to a more prepared needy person. He still insisted and I left him to himself. A few months later, the government changed this law and insisted all drivers and riders should have drivers licenses. Toh!

Change is beautiful to behold so long as you allow yourself move with the trend sensibly. Look at how a caterpillar ends up as a beautiful and regal butterfly over time. Imagine if a butterfly refuses to get with the programme and chooses to crawl on its dainty legs with the mentality of a caterpillar! (gasps at the horror!!). The weight of its wings will probably make life difficult for it on the ground rather than up in the air and with time it would most likely be trodden upon and killed or snapped up and caged as a result of such backward mentality.

How well have you, yes you reading this, evolved??? :)

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