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Thursday, 14 August 2014

We Need To Act Right, NOW - Ebola


When it comes to Ebola, ignorance is not permissible. To those screaming blue murder at the fact that the livelihood of hunters are at stake because of the international alerts raised on the transmission of this deadly virus from bush-meats, please take a seat and remember that only a living person can purchase your meat and only a living hunter can hunt down game.

It has been proven that bush-meat is unsafe and a potential carrier of this virus, so I cannot wrap my head around the obstinacy of some people in the light of these. This Ebola virus is NOT messing about and unfortunately you cannot waltz into a pharmacy and buy the drug to cure it off the counter. EBOLA HAS NO PROPER CURE BESIDES EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS. We do not know what side effects these experimental drugs may yet have but I suppose at this point any infected person would be willing to live with any side-effects of such a drug rather than die from the dreaded virus.

The best things we can do for ourselves are to contain and stop the virus from spreading further and to hastily report any suspected carriers. The extent to which this virus can spread and the damage it can cause is indeed mindbogglingly catastrophic. While I know it is hard not to panic and crucial not to create panic, I believe better measures should be put in place by our government. I read a report about Liberia which stated that they had about 50 doctors to cater to a population of about 4 million people. This is heartbreaking and possibly the reason why Sawyer selfishly absconded from his country and chose messiah Nigeria, the giant of Africa to help cure him.

Unfortunately for us, not even Nigeria is equipped to handle this issue. I saw how they received the victims in Europe and America and marveled at their equipments. I know for a fact that unless we come up with more experimental drugs for this virus, what the Western world has cannot sustain us in Nigeria if this thing goes unchecked and spreads. We need to get our own experts into laboratories now and get them working on possible cure. Off the top of my head, palm-oil and certain herbs cures almost every ailment in Naija. I'm far from an expert and in my own thoughts, I think we can work with those and see what comes out of it.

That aside, I think the following steps I'm going to list should be taken up to help curb the spread and solve this humongous problem we have. If you know of any other suggestions, please add them to the list in the comment section or pass them along to the appropriate channels.

P.S The following suggestions are just my way of helping out and I welcome corrections and recommendations. Click for more..........

* Proper National Campaign on Enlightenment : There should be a full campaign ongoing through ALL forms of media by now enlightening people, reassuring them and guiding them on what to do if they come across any ebola-like symptoms or persons. I have seen that Lagos State has some campaigns ongoing online, but I know these aren't enough because I have spoken with a few people at the grassroots and they have absolutely no clue of what is going on. So we need to find the means of reaching out to such people and spreading these messages to EVERYONE in Nigeria.

* Psychologists and Counselors: In my own opinion, quarantining people and leaving them hoping for a cure is not enough at all. They need to have psychologists and counselors talking to them round the clock, reassuring them, helping them understand what is happening to them and what the eventualities might be. This is highly essential to avoid cases of "quarantine-escapes" and the likes. I cannot imagine what goes on in the minds of people living with terminal diseases and with such notice, but I know enough to be sure of them freaking out as the time ticks.

*Prospecting Quality Innovations: Rather than sending fake broadcasts out asking people to bathe with and consume salt and other poppycock like that, can't we think of more viable methods and inventions that than help stop this virus? Now, the thing about inventions are how crazy they may sound initially until they truly prove otherwise. I think whatever microscope that can see the virus in a lab can be made into eyeglasses that people can wear and detect an acute carrier of the virus instantly. Someone also suggested putting the ingredients that are in soaps and sanitizers in cream-format so that people can rub it on their bodies and be sure of the protection against it since the virus cannot stand soaps.

I'm sure there are several more ways and ideas we can think up in order to help stop the spread of this awful deadly Ebola virus. Now is not the time to withhold information or be sentimental, rather it is a time to speak out and help. It is imperative you educate yourself and help pass on the knowledge to as many as you can.

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