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Friday, 8 August 2014

Wherever You Find Yourself.......

I attended a SendForth last night. A very good friend, former course mate and "big sister" was leaving her banking job for greener pastures. She had invited hubby and I to "rep" her because we are as close as family can be. 

I had had a long day and have an even longer one today but it wasn't an invite I could decline. There are some people you know, who would ask you to jump and rather than give excuses or decline, you will simply ask how high they expect you to jump. She's one of such people. An absolute kindhearted darling and it was so apparent during the sendforth soirĂ©e. 

I was hearing so many lovely and touching accolades being bestowed to her and I actually looked around to study the genuine reactions of people (I tend to do that) and I was blown away at the pure love and respect they all had for her. 
I reflected on it deeply as I realised that some people have left their organizations on not so good notes. Some people tender their resignations and their organizations feel and act like it's good riddance to bad rubbish. This is not nice at all seeing as we live in a shrinking world. The world is getting smaller and we never know where we might meet again, so it always good to be good and leave quality marks behind wherever we find ourselves. 

It is never too late to change ones character for the better. Life is too short to be a grouch and a person that won't be missed upon existing a workplace, a society or earth. 

Have a lovely weekend people. I'm off to a Strategy Session Workshop. :)


  1. you captured my thought dis morning totally in ur write up.....I often take time to reflect and ask if am been the best i could be, am i giving more of myself selflessly, am i going the extra mile for my friends and family..I just try

  2. I had cause to go to my former place of work last month and even I was blown away by the show of love. From the gate till I stepped in, everyone left their desks to receive me with such warmth and hugs it was unbelievable particularly because we still chat every so often. This left the newer staff asking who I was. Moral of the story; it pays to be good.


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