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Friday, 22 August 2014

Day #130 Will They Ever Return?

One hundred and thirty days in captivity is no joke. It is a horrendous ordeal for anyone to go through talk less of young children. I have got more questions than answers since it all began.

Why haven't they been brought back from the coven of these horrible terrorists?
How are their parents and siblings coping?
How are they coping?
Do they still have faith in our government?
Do they still have hopes of being freed?
Will they ever be normal if/when they regain their freedom?
What extent of damage has been done on them?
Should we just forget about them all?
What about the boys and men that were also recently kidnapped by BokoHaram terrorists?
What's their plight like?
Will they all be brainwashed?
Will they also become terrorists or bravely face death rather than succumb?
Do they get proper medical help when they need?
How are the females in captivity coping with their monthly periods?
How are they handling the mental torture of being abandoned by their government?
What's to stop them from turning and becoming worse terrorists our of anger and the feeling of rejection?
What happened to the international help that was offered at the time?
What do they know that we don't?
How can they just carry on like hundreds of people/children have not been kidnapped by terrorists?
How do those in the know sleep well at night?
How does one get past these things?
Are we all sitting ducks?
What is the way forward from these terrorist acts?


I wish I could get answers to these questions. I feel so helpless as a human being, a mother and a Nigerian. Is today the day we would #BringBackAllOurCitizensInCaptivity? 

We must not forget them. We must not give up hope for them. We must come together as one to fight this evil menace in our society. There's a #BringBackOurGirls march at the Unity Fountain in Abuja, Nigeria today by 2.30pm. Please partake if you can. Let us support the captives with our voices.

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