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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

RandomMusings: What If The Myth Called Magun Switches Sides.....

Magun is Yoruba term for a native charm which is somewhat similar to a virtual chastity belt. The literal meaning is "don't climb" while the broad meaning is "do not have sexual intercourse with my wife". The essence of Magun is basically to deter promiscuity. According to history and those who claim to have seen it work, it is believed that the man who has sex with a woman "laced" with Magun could suffer various hardships ranging from somersaulting thrice before giving up the ghost, headaches and seizures that leads to possibly death.

You will be quite shocked at the number of learned people who really believe in this myth called Magun (I can almost hear some people calling for my head already for even daring to refer to it as a myth. Calm down na. LOL). Personally, I sometimes don't quite know what to believe when it comes to such things because I have seen some really crazy and unnatural things actually happen in Nigeria so permit me to sit on the fence on this one. I do think it is a terribly mean thing for a man to place such a curse on his wife if he suspects she's having an affair. This is because, according to the legend of the Magun myth, if a woman is indeed innocent of the infidelity suspicions and doesn't have extra-marital sex after being cursed with Magun, she will die after some days. Now, do you see why I think any man who subjects his wife, guilty or not, to such treatment is desperately nefarious. If you can't stand the heat, just leave the kitchen rather than hose it down.

Anyway, the point of this article is to muse aloud about what could happen if the roles were reversed. Given the fact that there are presumably more cheating husbands than wives in Nigeria (several men have more than one wife so flow with this presumption), why has no woman ever tried it on a man yet, given the statistics of cheating men in this country? If indeed Magun exists, does it mean that the "founders" only permit it to work on cheating females and their lovers? What would happen if a wife "laces" her cheating hubby with Magun? Would his lover somersault and die or would he instead? Would it be potent? Would the fact that wives can do the same deter their husbands' roving eyes?

I'm really very curious about the likely answers to the questions above. Help me out, please. :)

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  1. its a man's world dear.. the case cannot be reversed.


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