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Friday, 22 August 2014

Drama! Drama! Drama!

Honestly sometimes my life feels like I'm in one helluva reality show spinning dozens of seasons. What?? The sort of experiences I have on a daily basis feels a lot like fiction. It's seems there's a sortof magnet around me that attracts dramas. Let me tell you about the latest drama and you best learn from I because this is the season of scammers so do not be a victim!

So I'm sitting in my office minding my own business when I get a call from the front desk about a "King" asking to see my bosses. Since both of them were not available and due to the nature of my role in the organization, I had to go see to their visitor no, I'm not the third in line o, lol. I get there and I see this huge man looking like royalty but the cynic in me was quick to spot that he looked like a budget version of royalty. He had on complete buba, sokoto and agbada made of aso-oke, he had chunky beads around his neck and wrist and he blinged up with a walking stick.

I decided to play along so I courtesy and greeted him like the very good girl I am, hehe. As if the alarm bells in my head weren't ringing loudly enough, he asked to go see me in the privacy of my office. I thought to myself hell no and to him I politely declined. I asked him to state his business and he did. The conversation went like this:

Him: I'm His Royal Highness Babatunde Noah Babalola and I'm in need of financial help.

Me: Oh really? How much are we talking about here?

Him: God bless you for asking (I didn't say amen to all his phoney prayers). He will bless your company and prosper you. I just need N20,000. That's all, God bless you.

Me: What's the N20,000 meant for sir?

Him: It's to perform my daily royal duties. And you know as a king, I can't be questioned like you're questioning me. The fact that I'm talking to you now makes you an Olori (queen*), Oloris' do not question His Royal Highness. God bless you.

Me: Well it's my job to ask what you intend to use our money for. Anyway, those who can approve your request are not available, so I'm afraid you cannot get anything from us. (in my head I was like FOH)

Him: You mean you can't just get up and go into your office now and put N10,000 in an envelope as your personal contribution to His Royal Highness? (looking stunned like his jazz didn't work)

Me: Nopes, can't help you sir. (dude, you're 5 minutes away from being knocked out by my fist)

Him: A big girl like you? God will really bless you. You can't even get N5,000 for me?

Me: Not a penny sir. (smug look in place like 'your jazz is no good here' hehee)

Him: Okay, I thought your management will treat a good and senior staff like you better because the company looked rich from outside as I was coming in.

Me: Oh, you think our company looks rich, was that why you targeted us to ask for money? (raised brows)

Him: Not really. Anyways, I will be leaving now. But let's keep this between us so that when I return to meet your bosses it would be fresh.

Me: That's not likely to happen sir, but goodbye. 

I was gobsmacked! In broad daylight, I mean come on. My colleagues who had been wondering about the man's appearance and a few words they heard him say gathered around to ask as I explained to them. We were all in shock. He looked and carried himself like a very responsible royalty he clearly is not.

It was then I recalled similar incidences that happened at work last year. We had at least three different sets of people come to our office with very bogus claims and pleas for help but being the sleuth I am (pops collar, lol), I was able to detect the holes in their stories and upon investigations found them to be clearly fraudulent people with sinister motives. I recall tweeting a warning about it at the time. Well, the season is here again. DO NOT FALL FOR UNVERIFIED SOB STORIES. These guys are professional thieves and their stories are easy to fall for. I know someone who did last year.

I've left an instruction with the security that when next he shows up, he should be allowed in. I will invite the police and hand him over. Simples.

Don't be a victim.


  1. He just walked into the office..??
    His Jazzman must have boasted a lot

  2. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa.... I cannot stop laughing at his cheap Royal gimmick honourable Olori Buki.

  3. I've heard this scam happen so many times! Fake kings come begging for money lol

  4. Lobatan!!! He was pricing it like fish...Lol, wetin we no go see for this Lagos, Royal scammers .

  5. You are really nice oh.I would have told sit and chill for the cash and then go in to call security/police..

  6. @ Penfold. I'm telling you. He needs to go get his money back asap. LOL

    @Hanny na real very cheap gimmick o. If I catch you calling me Olori ehnn.

    @ Sisi Yemmie This was my first encounter with such o, I'd never even heard about this "style". Orisirisi tinz. LOL

    @Fofo Azzin, I can't get over him pricing it. Joker.

    @Laramidae LMAOOOOO.

  7. This is really Eko for show.


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