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Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Selfless Act - #AllHeartsAlways

For about two years now, a hair stylist has been giving back to his community in the best way he knows how to. Mark Bustos has been giving out free haircuts to the homeless in his community. He doesn't take them into a shop but does it in public and this is not to show off but for it to serve as a reminder to passersby on the need to be AllHeartsAlways in every way possible to the needy. He started this project while on a visit to see family in the Philippines by first renting a chair in a shop for a day and giving all the kids in that community free haircuts for the day. Since then, he has gone out of his way to give free haircuts to the homeless around the world in places like Jamaica, Costa Rica, Los Angeles and New York where he currently resides.

Mark not only gives them a free haircut, but he goes a step further by giving them a meal and engaging them in meaningful conversations so that they feel really loved. He does this every Sunday, which is usually his day off work. I say a big well done Mark, your selfless act is truly commendable.

Ask yourself these questions today; how can I give back to the needy around me? How can I make a lasting and warm impact on people? How can I be AllHeartsAlways?

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