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Monday, 15 September 2014

The Rising Tide of Animal-Sex....

It seems to me there's a new fad going around that some of you might not yet be aware of. It is the rise (?) in zoophilia/bestiality. Now I know many centuries ago people did indulge in this sickening act, but I assumed it was a thing of the past. Recently however, there has been a lot of such news around. The other day, someone sent me a video of a Caucasian  male having sex with a snake.

Yes, you read right. I'm sure you are wondering where he put his "tool" and if it is even possible at all. Well, I saw it myself and if I had been told about it prior, I would have had doubts as well. It was one of the most painful things I've ever watched and the little of it I saw made me sick to my stomach. One could see and almost feel the discomfort of the poor reptile. The man kept forcing himself INTO the poor slithery snake. YUK!

This one happened a couple of years ago in Kenya I think!
Ever since I watched that video, I have come across several old and recent similar news on the internet and right here in our very own Nigeria. There was the case of a young boy caught having sex with a goat a few weeks ago and today, another teenager was busted having sex with a CHICKEN. I mean come on, what is there in a chicken to turn a human being on. Could it be the feathers or beak perhaps? The silly boy even 'fessed up to having also tried it with a goat previously!!! *faints*

The difference between zoophilia and bestiality is that while the latter is basically about the act on animals itself, the former involves actually having sexual feelings for the animals.I don't understand how the process works or what makes people carry out sex acts on animals but I am of the opinion that such people need psychiatric help. Studies have shown that zoophilia could result from sexual abuse, childhood experimentation or a lack of access to sexual relationships with other human beings. Whatever the case might be, it is definitely not normal and should be addressed medically and psychologically.

Finally, I think it is poppycock to compare homosexuality with zoophilia. Homosexuality involves sex between two ADULTS of the same sex, zoophilia on the other hand is ................. *drops mic and exits*


  1. whaaaat a snake of all things, my goodness some people are just sick!!! absolutley disgusting i dont know why anyone would want to have sex with animals, some folks are just unwell and for those doing it with chickens and goat i fear una, with all the smell and the danger of being bitten by a snake na wa o. A lot of people look well but the azonto craze inside their head is on another level.

  2. I also watched d video of d man that had sex with d green snake, it was so so so disgusting. I believe people that do such are sick and not normal.

  3. *throwing up in my mouth right now*


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