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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Twins But Not Twins. :)

I've got an amazing story to share with you, yes you reading this. :) My childhood friend, Bari was pregnant with her second child and coincidentally, her younger sister Rekiya was also pregnant with her first. They both had different expected delivery dates (EDD) but you know what they say about man proposing and God disposing, right? He disposed and made a miracle happen. :)

While Bari fell into labour first and eleven earlier than her EDD, Rekiya's waters broke while Bari was in the hospital. It was all so exciting and dramatic. Bari ended up having a baby boy and Rekiya had a baby girl ON THE SAME DAY at the same hospital in Plano, Texas. These adorable cuties are cousins and twins in my books, hehehe.

I will get a picture of four of them together and put it up soon. (I'm sooooooooo excited) Now according to bookmakers like Ladbrokes, they have beaten the odds of two sisters giving birth on the same day at 2,000-1.


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