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Monday, 29 September 2014

Boko Haram Shows Off Their Loot - Video

I came across this video last week Friday and it weakened me so much I took an involuntary nap because my head simply couldn't process what I had just seen. The video showed several Boko Haram members on the streets of a town up North, shooting sporadically with heavy and sophisticated weapons. I was gobsmacked at their calm yet deadly lackadaisical attitudes and the manner in which they casually strutted down the streets, clearly with a mission in mind. Even more shocking was seeing them loot what appears to be the armory in an abandoned army barrack. Clearly, we have been indirectly supplying these deluded bunch of damaged fellows the weapons they in turn use to attack us. It was heartbreaking. And if all that was not bad enough, the video showed two hapless soldiers fleeing into the hills. 

It would take a really cruel judge to condemn those two for fleeing seeing the baying bloodthirsty misguided crowd that were relentlessly out to get them. I wonder if they managed to escape, eventually. :( One of them appeared to have been hit because these terrorists kept on shooting at them even as they fled. The end of the video showed some plain clothed people laid face down and I shudder to think of what those beasts would have done to them.

I wish our government would wipe off these scums once and for all. It is frightening to imagine them taking over the entire country. I cannot imagine the terror the Northerners have been facing this whole time. It is gut-wrenching, just imagining it talk less of living it. Most of them appeared so young and so casually dressed for "war", but it makes sense now when we see the army display pictures of their bullet-ridden bodies and we have to wonder if there hasn't been cases of mistaken identity because we think they don't look like the dreaded and feared terrorist they are. Sigh.


  1. Open letter to Tiwa Savage

    Dear Tiwa,
    When I heard the rumor that Tunji was beating you, it broke my heart! I called one of your old friends and she confirmed that it has happened before but could speak on whether or not it was still happening!
    You are Tiwa Savage,dammit! Our African Beyoncé, please say it isn't so?!

    Speculations started from the fact that you didn't publicly wish him happy birthday, it would have been a big deal for anyone else but you are known for your PDA! Those ❤️❤️❤️ 3 heart you post were so vague but spoke volumes! Then came that article from the blogger and I knew in my heart that there was some truth to the rumor!

    You see Tiwa, I too I am a survivor of domestic abuse, so I speak to you from a place of experience! You can walk away... You will be just fine! Let me guess, he beats you then he apologizes profusely and you take him back, not because you are foolish but you really do love him and you are hoping it won't happen again but you know it will right? You see men like him don't just hit women once, they can't help it! Either their daddy hit their mummy growing up or they are fucked up beyond help! You see you can't fix him Tiwa! It's important that you leave him! If you check with his ex wife I can bet my last dollar he got her too! It's a pattern!

    You are probably embarrassed! 5 month marriage, and all the afefeyeye! When you are not Kim Kardashian! Olorun maje! What will people say??? You played it over and over in your head and you are thinking it's best to stick it out! WRONG!!!!

    You are no longer Tiwa the young girl from around the way! You are Tiwa Savage Dorodiva Dorosuperstar, the woman whom young girls look up to! You are a role model! You need to do right by your fans but most importantly by yourself! The bravest thing you can do right now is leave him! So what if people gossip? Who cares what they say? You are young, you are sexy, you are talented and you have God! Don't let that boy minimize all that you are! Don't let him plant seeds of doubt in you! Don't let him toy with your self esteem! Leave him! He is going to come around and tell you he loves you, it's a lie! Love does not hurt!

    It took me about a year to walk away from my abusive situation, like you i was also trying to save face! It was hard it was scary but I finally did it! And it's the best thing I've ever done!

    Tunji ain't shit! He has never been shit and for as long as he keeps hitting women, he will never be shit! Don't let him drag you down with him! Walk away with your head held high and your future self will respect you for it!

    Good Luck doll!

    From your Dorofan

    1. Dear Dorofan,

      the only reasons I enabled your comment was to view it in full and because the first part I read showed you're a survivor yourself. I will be deleting it in a wee bit. Thanks for stopping by but this is not a gossip blog. Until, either parties releases a statement confirming this, I will term it to be a gossip.

      I'm glad you're a survivor of domestic violence, I am proud you walked away with your life and sense intact. I like the tone of your letter because it should inspire others to walk away from such situations.



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