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Monday, 8 September 2014

As Good As Those Around You............

When it comes to performance, I think one is as good as those surrounding one. Even if you do not know much about a certain issue, if you have good heads around you, you will succeed. If the opposite then occurs, that is if you do not have sensible and honest people around you, you are iheaded downhill from there.

I have seen a few worrisome political campaign banners on twitter in the past few days using similar caption to the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. I find it repulsive that the anyone would want to exploit the #BringBack situation given the sorrowful and worthiness of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Is it that the people advising the politicians on this political campaign banners are in another planet from ours or how on earth did they imagine this to be a "Eureka moment" for them? This is the height of insensitivity.

This reminds me of a conversation I had last week with some people. Apparently, most people would rather allow their bosses goof publicly than correct them prior or after a gaffe. Case in point the "diarrisgodooooooo" fiasco by our dear First Lady on the Chibok girls. An arguement ensued between myself and a few people on if, I had been an aide to the First Lady and she'd asked about her performance as soon as she stepped out of that press conference, I would have been able to tell her the truth about how woeful it was. I said yes of course, simply because I do not know how to kiss-ass or tell an obvious lie. As a matter of fact, knowing her "capability", I wouldn't have even let her get as far as making such a gaffe in national tv. Bizarrely, only two or three of about eight of us having that conversation said we would say things as it is. The others would rather lie to the First Lady about her performance than tell her the truth because "it isn't easy to say such things to someone so high up"! Errrm, excuse me since when has holding a top post made anyone immortal to the point of such awe at the detriment of themselves or an entire country? 

It got me thinking and dare I say, understanding the reason why GJ appears oblivious and clueless most times. Clearly, those around him are NOT giving him the true picture and situation of things in the country. That's not good enough excuse though, ignorance isn't. However, it goes a long way to prove my point about surrounding oneself with intellectuals and truthful people of sound minds whose vision and passion is for the Nigerian people rather than their bank accounts and pockets. 

I don't know how else we can get through to the President and make him see the utter devastation Boko Haram had cased and are still causing, when those around him and more than likely to be "protecting him" from such terrible news. How's he supposed to act right and give orders when he doesn't have the true picture of events? No one can, to be fair to him. So until he changes his "settings", I'm afraid the positive and collective change for better which we seek will remain an illusion. 

Have a lovely week ahead and keep hope alive. 


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