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Friday, 19 September 2014

But First, Lemme Take A Selfie..............

On a JetBlue flight from Carlifornia to Texas on Thursday, an engine failure occurred and it was so bad that smoke filled the cabin while oxygen masks dropped. Thankfully everyone was calm as the plane prepared for an emergency landing while one of the passengers took time to take picture, a selfie and a video. O.O The plane landed safely with minimal injuries to a few of the passengers.

While some people berated the chap who took the pictures, I think it's a bit commendable he was calm enough to try to get it recorded since he didn't know how it would all end. I would have been too terrified to do anything other than pass out from fright. What are your thoughts on the extent of his "selfie-game"?

Lemme take a selfie.....

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