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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

#RandomMusings: U.S. Air Marshal Attacked In A Nigerian Airport


There's news being reported that an unknown man stabbed a U.S. Air Marshall with  syringe suspected to contain the Ebola virus inside the Lagos airport. It sounds like something out of a horror movie and I've been wondering what the motive could be.

* Is it a mere scare tactic?
* Was the syringe really infected with something deadly and used on him as a revenge or to pass a message across?
* Was he targeted because he is an American or was it random?
* How safe are the rest of us walking about minding our own businessses?
*What if Boko Haram chooses such measures to continue their terror attacks on Nigerians?
* How come the assailant wasn't caught despite the victim being surrounded by other Air Marshals?
* How come he's yet to be identified?
* What becomes of the poor victim?
* Why did this happen?
* Where do we go from here?

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