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Sunday, 7 September 2014

A True Survivor Story (Part2)

Continued from last week #SurvivorTales 1

....... So that following Monday I saw the oncologist, very knowledgeable woman, she came in with her fellows and residents and they took turns explaining to us I had a mucinous adenocarcinoma, which is a form a cancer that you find on ovaries, colon and such. She told me that the cancer was contained in the cyst that was removed and samples were taken from all the other organs and there was no sign of it spreading. It's considered a stage one but as a precaution she recommends a partial hysterectomy because this type of cancer tends to grow back. It was a lot of information and I was super overwhelmed!

I have heard about folks having cancer but never did I think I would be one! And about a few months earlier my 14 year old niece started her battle with brain cancer and a few years before that my big cousin too! I couldn't throw myself a proper pity party though because my little niece was being an absolute soldier and her bravery was my motivation.

My hysterectomy was scheduled for Jan 17 and I stayed anxious until then, I still wasn't speaking to God, I mean come on... Na only me waka come??? We decided not to tell anyone, especially my mum! I wasn't sure she could handle it! She was already dealing with so much!

Surgery went well... Super invasive with a massive incision that ran from my breast plate to my groin! I will spare you the visual but it looked like something out of a horror movie! They took everything except one ovary so I wouldn't go into menopause but I will never have kids again! I will never have another period ever again! Yeeehhhhaaaaa! I would not need chemo or radiation... It was over! I am Cancer Free!

Recovery was hellish! I stayed 5 days for the first surgery and went back 2 more times for an additional 10 days... Complications galore! Reopen, insert tube, drain, wound packing, close .... Everything you can imagine! I lost so much weight, I looked like a real life bobblehead!
My friends were super supportive, I didn't want to speak with anyone, I hated visitors! I just wanted to be left alone! They prescribed loads of anti depressants and I had no idea what was what, I was extra emotional and extra moody and just extra! My mum came in and dumped my stash saying you don't need any of this crap! She was right! I felt better when I stopped taking them!

My super husband was extra super! He fixed my meals and served me in bed! He packed my wounds, he cooked, he cleaned and still visited Tiwa in ICU everyday!

After about 4 months, I decided to go back to work... Right around the time Tiwa came home! It was quite an adjustment, I wasn't completely healed but I was ready!

Last week, I went for my oncology follow up and my doctor told me I am still cancer free, there is another cyst on my remaining ovary that they are watching closely but didn't look impressive... Oh boy!

The journey has been long and trying but I am blessed beyond measure! I've had a few Facebook friends lose their life to this disease but that is not my testimony!

The homie Jesus had a plan all along! You see if Tiwa didn't come early, they may have not found the cancer before it did major damage! So I apologized to him already, we made up and I have complete faith in him! And come what may, my life has purpose and I can handle anything life throws at me!

I'm a cancer survivor! I pray it's not your portion! I share because knowledge is power, early detection is key, don't ignore the signs, visit the doctor regularly, invest in good insurance, pray!


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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Hi. I am lost for words but overwhelmed with gratitude for your life and how you pulled through. Just visiting your blog, just reading this (have to go look for part 1 of this) and just...amazed. What a woman you are. God bless you, Bukola. }

  2. Wow! As in wow! The way this God works sometimes ehn! There was a time I used to say this prayer ' Lord even when it seems like I don't understand what you are doing, help me to keep on trusting in you.'


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