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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ladies, We Must Show Affection Steadily............

 Earlier today I tweeted a shout-out to "all wonderful husbands especially mine" and the reactions were both hilarious and thought-provoking for me. You see, even though my hubby has a twitter account, he rarely tweets but he reads through certain timelines especially @Gidi_Traffic and other news handles often. I have never felt the need to display my affection towards him openly on social media because I just thought I would like to keep that part of my life private.

However, this morning I'd left my phone in his car when he dropped me off at work and even though he had covered a considerable distance, he called me laughing and taunted me on how he knows I wouldn't cope without having my phone for the day and how I was going to have to deal with that. LOL. It was really funny how we bantered and eventually he asked me to come outside my office to collect my phone because he had turned right back around and brought my phone to me. That singularly gracious act set me off as I marveled at how such a truly wonderful man he has been to me and that prompted me to send that tweet out on impulse.

While a few people expressed surprise at how straight to the point and rare the tweet was, others were quite pleased at the fact that a married woman actually boldly proclaimed her husband's good qualities (Yay, me. LOL), and some actually thanked me! (dunno what for o, lol) Someone even insinuated that it was perhaps the fact that hubby had recently granted a special request of mine that prompted the show of affection. LMAO. I tweeted on impulse (Yes, I am very random like that;) and I'm glad I did because one of my friends and followers actually made mention of the fact that in all his years on twitter, he'd never seen any woman praise her man on there and it made him wonder often if all men were that "useless and worthless".

I was quite taken aback by his feelings especially because I thought I had seen some ladies on twitter publicly proclaim affection for their beaus. On the other hand, I understood what he meant because truth be told, as much as we women yearn for lovely stuff like PDA(public display of affection), constant private/-public declaration of love from our partners, flowers, perfumes, fancy dinners, general luxurious spoiling by our men and so on like the things I blogged about here ,we also have our roles to play in these love matters. It is a given that affection in relationships has to be reciprocal and while I know that juggling being a working-class wife, mother, sister, friend, neighbour, etc is no walk in the park, the fact remains that we simply must take time out to pamper our spouses both verbally and physically and often too.

So ladies, here's a challenge to you all to make your men feel loved. Ignore their macho-macho front and know that it's a facade. They yearn to be shown affection almost as often as we do too, so please show and tell them.

Bon chance. ;)


  1. you so write it rare to read about a woman complementing her man it always the other way around. :-)

  2. For this Post...Ya head is Dia..!!!


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