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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Consequence Of Haste Is??? - #Ebola

 I sincerely hope we never have to count the consequences of hasty acts. We all know how unforgiving the Ebola virus is, just as we know that the virus spread quickly when it touches the exposed membranes on the human body. Well, given how toddlers tend to put their fingers in their mouths and blissfully rub their eyes I would think reopening schools should be only after we are sure without a doubt that the unforgiving virus has indeed left the shores of this country never to return.

As much as I am a law abiding citizen, I would not jeopardize the lives of my children for anything. The rush to reopen nursery and primary schools with fresh Ebola cases popping up in different parts of the country is something I cannot fathom.I don't  know what is so important that they are teaching these toddlers that cannot wait a couple of weeks at the expense of their safety. Our reaction to safety concerns in this country is very worrying to me. Have we learnt nothing from what is happening in Liberia? This is one epidemic that we do not want to see with our own eyes and as such taking preventive measures such as shutting down schools and the likes is highly expected. Children are way too prone to colds, fevers and so on especially when they are in these schools. 

Have you ever had a sick toddler hospitalized? I assure you, It is a nightmare because they do not keep still like adults do when they need to take injections or drips. Thy constantly like to touch and be held and they even dole out random hugs. So imagine how difficult quarantining and attending to them would be if they ever catch the virus. 

It's in the news as of this morning that there's a suspected Ebola case at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. The victim supposedly came in contact with the selfish Port-Harcourt doctor who haboured a confirmed Ebola victim and carried on with life as usual, despite being a medical practitioner who should have known better. Now imagine how many more are roaming, oblivious to what they have come in touch with until the symptoms starts showing. Also imagine the distance between Rivers state and Osun state and understand that the length this virus can travel.

I really hope the government would listen to the good advise of the Nigerian Medical Association to hold off resumption until all surveillance has been cleared and certified free of the virus.


  1. That is their business! My kids are going nowhere till January oooo! I seriously don't know what the haste is about! It's only 1st term oooo. They should focus more on tackling and eradicating this deadly Ebola and not make it spread by forcing schools to resume.

  2. i was wondering how the virus found it way there wow. i just hope no one else was infected. if i had children they will be sitting at home until there are no confirmed cases, prevention is better than cure i'm totally with chinazor on this one.

  3. My kids are staying home till I get the all clear
    I advice you all do the same


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