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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

He's Mr. Know-It-All.

We all know at least one of such people, you know the sort who think they are all that and more with a side of attitude to go? Yeah, those ones. Some refer to them as busy-bodies, others refer to them as bebeto. The worst part about such people is the way they try to put others down in the process of showing they know it all.

They won't concede to a mutual agreement on most issues as it is either their way or the highway. Sigh

Well, I've got some tips on how to handle such people:

* Rise Above: Resist stooping to their level to win any argument or conversation. There's really no need to put people down or make them feel bad just to prove a point. People who usually do this have self-esteem issues or bigger personal issues they are battling with and this is usually an escape route from reality for them.

* Be Choosy: Do not fall in their web every time, but learn to ignore them sometimes with curt and concise replies.

* Know Your Onions: An argument or a conversation is usually more fun if you have facts to back your side up. So be knowledgable.

* Be Humorous: Be a charmer and keep your wits about you. This way, you will disarm whatever defensive stance they come at you with. ;)

* Be Direct: Be straight with them by asking pointed question without hidden corners.

* Level Up: Find a way of constructively letting such a person see what a prat he/she can be. Nothing helps such a person change faster than properly structured constructive criticism.

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