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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Married Couples And Sex In The Inlaws' Boudoir

Hopefully my parents and in-laws do not read this post. Fat chance, right? Hehehe. Okkkkkkk

So this topic came up at work the other day my colleagues are too wonderful and I immediately knew it would turn out into a post. These things need to be talked about more so that people can prepare for it jare. :)

The thought of sex at my in-laws embarrasses me in fact I'm blushing as I type and I know it can be a bit of an issue if between couples if they are not on the same page about this. From the conversation, I gathered that men see it as a fun and prize gift to themselves. It makes them feel on top of the world with themselves and they should really after-all, they are legally married and are officially husbands.

It's a bit different with most women from what I gathered, largely because we like to present ourselves as "good and innocent virgins" to our parents even though they attended the naming ceremonies of our children,which clearly means we are getting down with their sons. LOL It's even worse for women because there's facing your in-laws the morning after and there's facing your parents the morning after. Eek!!!

Imagine the dilemma of newly-wedded Mrs.A spending the night at her in-laws with just a wall separating their bedrooms and amorous Mr.A decides he wants some. After-all, he's a man now and he's probably been dreaming of this legit opportunity from when he was a youth. While Mrs.A whispers to him to wait it out until they return to their own abode plus she did put out earlier that day before they ventured out to the in-laws anyways, he simply cannot understand why he can't get some then and there. Thus, a misunderstanding would most likely brew.

That's why this post is existing, to remind you all that communication is key in ALL relationships. Prepare yourselves beforehand with likely scenarios, no matter how far-fetched they may appear such that crossing the bridges when you get to them would not be create problems.

Of course there is also the off-chance that one of your in-laws or parents could walk in on you naked! *faints! I would never be able to face them. I would not leave that room or I would sneak out through a back window and run away to Saturn* I know some parents are really cool with couples acting like couples, in every sense of the word, in their homes and some even encourage them to. Knowing myself, I am not quite sure how I would react having my daughter come down the stairs the morning after for breakfast, knowing herself and her husband had probably............ *shudders at the thought, Yes I gave her away but..... arghhhh*

Lawd help her and me too. LOL

Ok, seriously there's no big deal in it like they say *squeezes face some more* so kindly indulge your partner when he asks for it and of course, keep the noise down. ;)

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