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Monday, 1 September 2014

Let Nothing Stop You From Achieving #BeInspired -

Claudio Viera de Oliveira, 37-year-old, has defied medicine and astonished doctors to overcome a huge deformity and make something meaningful of his life. Claudio was born with a rare medical condition (Congenital arthrogryposis) which contorted his joints and left him with terribly deformed limbs and his head upside-down. People in the hospital advised his mother to starve him to death at birth when they saw the state he was in.

Thankfully his mother did not heed their advise as he's gone on to become an accountant and an inspirational public speaker. It was not an easy journey to get to where he is today but he did it. You can do great things too, regardless of your present situation. Aim for your dream and live it. 

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