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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Be In It To Get It.

It is very easy to sit back and castigate others for not doing enough for our country Nigeria, but have you looked into a mirror recently? Ask yourself what you have done to make things better for yourself as a patriotic citizen and  how have you impacted positively on the lives of those around you. It is not enough to clamour for change, we must live the change we so desire. There is so much to do in ensuring change comes to Nigeria and the onus lies on you and I to see to it that it begins and is sustained. The number of  blissfully ignorant people that can benefit from the knowledge you and I have are way to high to be left to fester in their nescient states.

It is high time we roll up our sleeves and get working because talk, tweets, memes and  status updates are cheap. Let's get acting and quit harping over the same things. It's time sensible, educated, empathic and intelligent people start ruling in our country. These sort of people often shun politics in Nigeria, claiming it's to dirty a game to dabble into. We leave the elective office to knuckleheads hoping they will see enough sense to bring us on board to make change happen. We merely deceive ourselves by that line of thought. We have to be in it, to make things happen. If we, who know better, refuse to participate then we are clearly leaving ourselves open to being led by those that know little or nothing. You are only as good as those you surround yourself with.

There are so many ways to get involved in making positive change happen and I will list a few below:

* Be informed. Read up various articles  and be knowledgeable enough to improve yourself and still impart knowledge.

* Be involved in charity. Give as much as you can to the needy around you so that you won't be the first thing on their menu, the day they revolt.

* Be involved in neighbourhood meetings that seek to bring about improvement to the residences. Don't wait until you are a landlord before you do this. Do it now!!

* Don't look down on others, but rather help people up whenever you can.

* Educate those around you; no matter how frustrating it gets. One day, it will sink in for them.

*Learn to make demands from those who are responsible for your comfort and basic amenities in your constituencies. Get people of like-minds and write petitions, making demands for your rights. I won't go further to tell you to escalate things, if you don't get the desired results with your petitions.

* Don't just be a talker, be a doer.

* Read. Learn. Read some more. Learn some more.

* Get involved in politics on whatever scale as you can, to start off with.

* Give the stuff you don't use out to those who need them. Remember, one man's dirt is another man's treasure.

* Don't just ask people this question "How are you?", ask it genuinely and mean it. If you cannot be bothered about those around you and how they are faring, how then do you want change to come?

* Learn to be your brother/neighbours' keeper.

Let us take charge of the crumbling situations around us and do our best to make Nigeria great again. If you have more ways in which we can all get involved, please share it. It's for all of our good. :)

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  1. True talk buki, aside all dese, I also believe we should always talk positively about our country and with time thgs will chg cos we speak so much negativity to our country and our tongue is very powerful.


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