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Sunday, 27 December 2015

#Update: Promising Victims Shot Dead

Remember the story I posted here yesterday about the mobile policeman who killed three young men and then turned the gun on himself? Well, it turns out he was drunk while on duty and had gone around a bar threatening to shoot people if they did not buy him drinks. Residents of the area say he has always been a drunken nuisance and a menace to the society, yet no one did anything about it until now. 

Two of the victims were twins Taiwo and Kehinde Oyesunle and the only children of their mother. Sadly, they lost their father a few months ago and now this. :( I cannot imagine what their poor mother must be going through right now. One of the twins is a newly promoted naval officer while the other is an engineer. The third victim called Jeje, whose birthday it was, was a friend to the twins. 

I think it is high time the Nigerian Police Force takes the lives of the citizens more serious by weeding out the drunks in their midst. This is not the first time we would be hearing of reckless drunken police officers shooting, maiming and killing innocent people over the most trivial things. Something needs to give. 

Nigerians also need to do more in highlighting the ills within our societies. We cannot keep ignoring or overlooking these festering menaces around us. No matter what, we must bring them to light and find permanent solutions to them lest we all end up being victims ourselves.

See a graphic picture of the murder/suicide scene after the cut below.

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