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Sunday, 6 December 2015

ISIS Keeps Spreading Their Evil Tentacles

There was a terrorist attack at the Leytonstone underground station in London yesterday when a 29-year-old man slashed a man with a knife while screaming "this is for Syria. This is what happens when you fuck with mother Syria". Onlookers, who stayed a safe distance while this crazed man tried to slash others with his knife yelled back at him saying things like, "you ain't no Muslim bruv' and 'drop it, you fool". 

He was eventually tasered by the police when he refused to drop his weapon and stand down. The case is currently being investigated by Scotland Yard. The poor victim sustained serious injuries. 

These lone attacks are the worst because they are so random and hard to envisage. One minute a seemingly harmless chap is walking beside you and the next minute, he is cutting you down. How do you begin to understand what's inside of person's head and mind? I recall the case of Lee Rigby, a British Army soldier, who was attacked, butchered and murdered by two religious fanatics, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale (the irony of both of them bearing Michael yet .....). Rigby was off duty and casually walking on a street when he was hacked to death by these two cowardly psychos. The butchered him, calmly waited for the police and told passers-by that they did it to avenge the death of Muslims killed by British armed forces. 

What sort of madness and brainwashing would possess a person to this point? I absolutely loathe the way Boko Haram brainwashes kids and converts them to suicide bombers as well. I think the world has allowed these nefarious psychos to fester for too long all the in bid to stay politically correct and now we are paying for it. Now the world is tethering the brink of world war 111 with all the crisis these terrorists have created across the world.

When will it all end?

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