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Friday, 4 December 2015

Ode To Friday And Some Rants

Hello Friday, it's me

I have been waiting for you all week long

You have brought joy to my heart and a song

It's been such a distance between us, see

But at last you are here for me

You did not come alone, no Friday

You brought Saturday and Sunday

O, what fun we will have

A foursome like none other we would carve

Hello Friday, it's me


LOL. I know, It's a bit nuts to write a poem dedicated to Friday but such is the level of my weariness that I look forward to the weekend. Nigeria drains me mentally and physically. I had a rough night because there was no light, no fuel to run my generator, no breeze no nothing to make the night bearable. My poor kids were perspiring but they slept soundly, thankfully. 

I was so upset overnight with the country and the way things have been run so far. How can citizens not have access to petrol? It's like living by a stream yet dying of thirst. So wrong and unjust to us. Something needs to give, but unfortunately I don't know how or when it would because majority of Nigerians are all talk and zero actions. 

In this same country, we are hearing all over the place about how some former "leaders" shared a loot of about N2.1 BILLION meant for the arming and safety of soldiers. These selfish buggers took the money, shared it and sent those poor chaps to their deaths, faced with Boko Haram with no adequate weapons. How cruel can one get? They could have used all that money to buy so many top and tech weapons to fight the terrorists and save thousands of lives but no, why save lives when we can steal it all and squander it on luxuries. KMFT. They are worse than terrorists and I hope they get served what's due them.

If half of the poppycock we are subjected to here where to occur in other countries, heads would have been rolling and the needful would have been done.


Let me not ruin my lovely weekend so early in the day with my justified ramblings. Friday is upon us after all. :) 



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