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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Coming Home To What? :)

The Gift. Love  Love Love 'em.

So yesterday a friend of mine sent me messages and a picture of a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers (I'm a huge huge huge fresh flower lover:) and a lovingly addressed card from her hubby. She was pretty pleased about it after having had a rough day at work, I was chuffed too. (You'd think I got the delivery sef, lol).  Receiving a gift is always an awesome delight and I was very pleased for her.

It however got me thinking about some couples and the romantic gestures they display between themselves. Being an adult is so tough with the many challenges we face daily (oh, to be a child again) so little things like surprise gifts are necessary in creating happiness fro your partner. Trust me, when you genuinely go out your way to please your partner by putting a smile on his/her face, your relationship is bound to be smooth and blissful. These gestures of giving gifts don’t even have to break your bank account or cost anything at all. In such cases, it is the thoughts behind the gifts that count the most. 

 Things like a short, scented hand-written note left under a pillow, on a dashboard or even sent by delivery can elicit the warmest of reactions, a hand-picked flower (for those who love flowers and yes, I know we have more concrete than soil in the cities but there are still free fresh flowers around. Lol:), a random but warm hug/kiss mid-conversation, a tie, underwear, jewelry, a book, phone credit top-up, etc. The list is endless really. (Notice how I deliberately left out vehicles, mansions and private jets? Hehehe)

I am a very random person, which means I often get hubby nice things randomly without a specific event tied to it. He reciprocates too sometimes, hehehe. I often surprise my hubby with gifts without them being tied to any specific occasion. The look of pleasant surprise on his face makes it all worthwhile. When he reciprocates, I always get giddy with delight at the thoughtfulness behind it. I take it a step further by randomly surprising friends and strangers alike. It is always good to make people smile.

So take my cue and make life easier for yourselves by giving your spouses lovely and thoughtful surprises. ;)



  1. So what do you do with a partner who does not like any..i repeat any sort of surprise?
    I like the idea of making folks smile and I don't restrict myself to just my partner....the world is a better place when people have reasons to smile.....
    Nice one!

    1. While your partner may not like surprises, he/she might not oppose to gifts and loving gestures, which were the main point of the write-up. It will surely get a smile from them. :)

      Bless you for spreading smiles to others. You're #AllHeartsAlways that way. :)

  2. Bukky suprise me randomly too now. That our long overdue night out. God bless you plentifully for me ;-)

    1. LOL. And our spa session too. *runs off to make it happen* :)


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