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Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Cry For Help (3)

Still on the #DenroIshashi road matter, as you can see from the pictures I took this morning, NOTHING has been or is being done about it, yet.  I wrote previously on this issue here and here. It's incredible how resilient Nigerians can be, trudging on like there isn't a problem at all. I can't fault us entirely because one can see we've been beat down by the many challenges life throws at us and the truth is that the absolute absence of basic amenities will screw up any sane mind. 

One would at least expect the government to set up some sort of security for those in the area, alas nothing of such is being done. Instead, I found out that the "big dons" were chilling comfortably and observing things, while their "boys" collected (forcibly if provoked) "toll" from all users of the make-shift bridge. You could see people selling alcohol and also perceive the stench of smoking weed mixed with the disgusting smell of the stagnant water. I over heard some people conversing while also crossing the bridge and they were saying things like; 

"how can anyone put their feet in this water that looks worse than Ebola?"

"the stench of this axis is horrible and one would be cursed to have such filthy water touch one's skin". 

They didn't lie, the situation is awful and far worse than these pictures portrays. What a pity, what a shame. 

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  1. Just imagine schools closing and the heavens open up! Shakes...


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