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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Lease On Life

Getting a new lease on life is one thing, making the most of it is another. In life, challenges get thrown our ways but it is up to us to stand strong, weather the storm and live life beautifully to the fullest. We must know our thresholds and know when to draw the lines on doing certain things. Think deeply and put into perspective, how the result of your actions will affect those around you especially your loved ones.

I remembered an old friend this morning, let's call him Alex. Alex was a very handsome and intelligent young man whom I met in Luton. He had quite a lot going for him, good family background, well-to-do parents, top grades in his studies, etc. Alex was very brilliant and I'm sure he would have finished school with a First Class or close. Unfortunately, Alex got caught up in the wrong crowd and that altered his life path. He got involved in drugs, alcohol and weed. Sadly, his body could not handle the things he was taking and so Alex lost his mind. I have asked around for him over the years but I only just found out that he has not recovered still. I sincerely hope and pray Alex gets a new lease on life, he deserves it. I cannot imagine the anguish and embarrassment he must have caused his family. I can only hope they forgive and heal alongside him.

The thing about doing things without a care as to the feelings of those around you is that in the long run (and short run as a matter of fact), you will end up  hurting yourself. So if you haven't towed the line of self-destruction, desist from doing such and if you have and are fortunate to get a second chance, don't blow it.

Have a lovely day ahead and be #AllHeartsAlways

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