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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Happy Celebrations And Holidays.


Here's wishing all my good Muslim readers a Happy Eid-Mubarak today. Send my own Sallah meat o ;) 

Also, happy holidays to all Nigerians. I need this long weekend holiday the most because my body seriously craves sleep and rest. Hopefully my mini-troops will let me get some. These children of mine often make me wonder if they have Duracell batteries in them because they've got way too much energy. You do not want to know what they've been up to this morning already and it's not even close to noon yet. Chai!!!! 

Wouldn't trade then for anything though, bless their energetic selves. Nonetheless, I'm currently hiding in my room and totally ignoring their pummels on my door. Shhh. I need an hour to myself before I erupt, lol. 

Make the most of your weekend/holiday and do stay safe always. Cheers. 

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