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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Can You Name This?

I found this picture online and it got me thinking about the various things most women have to get attached to that most men don't (lucky buggers). Several women have to make their hair all pretty and often complicated at least once a month, spending hours in the salon to achieve this, while most men spend far less time at the barber's shop and they still look fly most of the time, lol. And when it comes to getting dressed for an occasion, our outfits are more complicated than theirs, most times for sure. Even feeding is not exempted, our meals are often more well put together than theirs most times.

Anyway, back to the gist at hand, what's the one thing you (female) cannot go without and what do you (male) think is that one thing (or two) that women cannot go a week without???

I cannot go for a week without make-up, except I'm seriously ill and not venturing out at all. And even then ..................... ;)

Over to you......


  1. I cannot go for a month without making my hair


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