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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Adulthood - They Shouldda Prepared Us

LMAO. The picture above cracks me up every time I view it but I can totally relate to the message. I used to be quite a handful as a kid and now my troops are a handful, legful, etc etc etc. It seems things were so simple and easy while growing up compared to now. Most of us were cushioned by our parents and are only now finding out how life really is. Even for those of us that have been living independently for many years now, I dare say reality is hitting harder than we ever experrerit (= expected it, lol. I hope you know the joke behind that "experrerit"? I will search for the hilarious video and share it.) 

These days we have to deal with such things as finances, deaths, debts, babies, traffic, heartbreaks, betrayals, terrorists, viruses, meetings, frenemies, backstabbing colleagues and family members, unrepentant, scheming looters, recycled politicians etc. That's a helluva lot to keep up with, I must say. Some days I just want to curl up in bed and shut out the world but I cannot, because I am now an adult and with adulthood comes responsibilities and harsh realities which you cannot hide away from. Also, there's no panic button to hit to make it all stop automatically.

The key is not to allow these issues life throws at us to overburden us. No, we must suck it in, then go into the G.A.B.I (Grin And Bear It) mode. That's the mode where you take a step back to breathe and review things strategically before forging ahead to thrive through the challenges, while grinning and bearing it. Don't allow the pressures of life wash over you and weigh you down. Stand right and choose happiness and success above all. With the right mentality and attitude to life, things are bound to work out positively for you, come what may. I wish you only the very best. Cheers. :)

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